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Join us for our 5 day, 4 night, holistic adventure retreat package inside South Africa’s first internationally recognised biosphere, the Kogelberg Nature reserve. Immerse yourself in the true heart and epicenter of the world renowned Cape Floral Kingdom, a mere one hours drive from Cape Town, South Africa.


Catering to a maximum of 12 clientele per retreat, this exclusive package is offered only 3 times per year. Our Kogelberg offering sees us enjoy private access to a small cluster of beautifully designed, modern, purpose built and off the grid eco-cabins. All of which are decked out with the latest mod cons, solar panels, beautiful linen, private bathrooms and pristine waters surrounded by and seamlessly integrated into this unique mountain landscape.


The Kogelberg, home to the highest concentration of flower species on the planet offers our guests a rare experience where comfort merges with the serene beauty of the natural world. Reboot continues to merge equal parts guided adventure activities with various holistic practices to strike an even balance whilst harmonizing both the internal and external healing paths. All our retreats strive to find this balance in the most beautiful, untouched, outdoor locations possible and Kogelberg is second to none.




Nature retreat South Africa



At Reboot we believe our unique recipe speaks volumes about our ethos. Combining guided adventure activities that reconnect you to your body and the natural world,  inside our digital detox wrapper, whilst supported on the holistic front by regular yoga, meditation, storytelling, sound healing and massage is the perfect storm when it comes to cultivating that feel good factor. Our teams are specifically curated with this in mind and our yoga practitioners , classically trained chefs and adventure guides that have traveled the globe make this unique experience a reality. 




There are 5 beautifully designed, modern eco-cabins built to blend in with the natural environment. All of these cabins consist of two rooms per cabin and are shared between two clientele, one client per room or a couple sharing. The cabins are equipped with their own private bathroom, kitchen, dining area and outdoor fireplace. All linen and towels are provided. And the low environmental footprint cabins are powered by solar.



We are as much what we eat as we are what we think. Feeding our minds and bodies with nutritional fuel is imperative when creating a balanced, harmonious system. Our meal plan has been specifically curated and designed to add the energy required to undertake the adventure elements of the retreat whilst being light on the system and our planet. Our Chef sources quality local ingredients with a strong emphasis on a plant based diet. Expect a healthy, hearty, veggie driven experience sourced from locations close to home as we emphasise a low carbon footprint on the retreat.



We believe in equal opportunity and in order to make our retreats affordable to a wider audience we extend a 10% discounted rate to local South African residents. Please apply the discount code when checking out. (SOUTHAFRICAN-RESIDENT) We also accept direct bank transfers and EFT payments from clients locally and abroad that would prefer to avoid additional charges. Please email us on for our account details.



  • Accommodation

  • All meals

  • All non alcoholic refreshments

  • All workshops

  • Bike rental

  • Daily yoga

  • Guided hikes

  • All permits

  • Conservation fees

  • Towels

  • Snacks


  • Massages

  • Transport/Shuttle

  • Flights

  • Toiletries

  • Water bottle

  • Yoga mat


Arrive at Kogelberg nature reserve for our orientation evening and welcome fire followed by a beautifully crafted dinner curated by our private chef. Dinner is followed by a sound bath to help you drop into this magical natural wonderland. We find that this is the perfect way to “land” in this mountain paradise as the soft, soothing sounds of a sound bath help to melt away the stresses of work and travel.



Rising to a yoga session with our in-house practitioner, followed by a cold water immersion in the natural eco-pool. A healthy breakfast is served and a quiet post travel decompression of reading & massage for those that have booked slots unfolds.

We gently roll into lunch followed by a guided 10 km (3 hour) hike along the banks of the stunning Palmiet river, spotting birds, flowers & various plants. The reserve is home to over 1800 plant species of which 150 are endemic. Returning for a sunset dinner around the fire and evening massage with our in-house masseuse for a lovely wind down session to a beautiful days gentle adventuring.



We rise with the sun to our daily yoga practice followed by our immune boosting cold water immersion session. Breakfast is then served, followed by a slow morning reading books, getting a massage, having a snooze or chilling on the banks of the Palmiet River as we gently soak up this pristine wilderness and fall in line with the rhythms of nature.


After lunch we saddle up for a gorgeous 4 hour 22 km mountain bike trail which will lead us back into camp for an evening around the fire and another gorgeous meal crafted by our classically trained chef.



We follow our daily routine of a sunrise yoga session and guided meditation as we re-calibrate our circadian clock and set ourselves up for our group cold water immersion session in the eco-pool. After breakfast we roll into a guided Wim Hof ice bath experience before lunch and our final 4 hour hike that starts in the Harold Porter botanical gardens with a local botanist and sees us drop back into camp for dinner around the roaring fire as we soak up some gentle live music to wind down from the day.




We wake up for a our regular sunrise yoga session, cold water immersion and breakfast before a leisurely checkout by 11am.

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