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How fit do I need to be?
Reboot retreat combines  adventure activities with a collection of powerful healing modalities. We believe that this unique combination has the most potent effect when striving for a reset. In order to get the best out of this retreat we highly recommend that you arrive fit enough to undertake the adventure elements at hand. We suggest that you are capable of hiking fit to the tune of being able to cover 10km with a backpack for our full retreat package and a 4 hour hike for our "reboot light" offering

Is the retreat all inclusive?

Yes, the retreat is all inclusive. Please head over to the what to expect section of the website to see what's on the list of magical healing modalities and adventure activities during your 5 nights in nature. In addition to this only massage can be booked as an additional extra whilst on the retreat and paid for in cash with our traveling massage therapist.

Will I be sharing a tent?
Yes. The  beautifully furnished glamping style Bell tents cater for either two singles or a couple sharing. All bedding, lighting, bedside tables and rugs are designed to make you feel luxuriously looked after whilst immersed in nature.
 If you would like to request your own glamping tent, please make contact at

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, we recommend that you do as most riders are more comfortable and familiar with their own bikes. You will receive a R500 discount if you bring your own bicycle (e-bikes are also welcome if your'e not that fit but would still like to join in the retreat. However, you will have to bring your own e-bike and be responsible for it's working condition and security. For those of you that don't have your own bikes, modern, high end mountain bikes are provided for all participants and included in the price of the retreat.

What happens if I can’t complete a ride or hike?
There will be two adventure guides with the guests at all times. Our support vehicles will also be on hand for such an occasion. We do however implore all participators to come fit and ready for the adventure elements of the retreat in order to get maximum benefit from the experience.The hiking sections will however not be supported by vehicle due to the terrain.

Can I opt out of an activity if I’m tired or not interested?
Yes, you can. If the retreat interests you but one of the items on the itinerary does not resonate, you are more than welcome to opt out and enjoy your time reading, relaxing or taking in the majestic scenery

What happens if it rains?
We endeavour to plan our retreat dates with favourable night skies and good weather. The Cederberg is a low rainfall region and it’s a rarity that we get rained on. However, we are dealing with nature and no guarantees can be made in this regard. Our camp will have a waterproof stretch tent as a communal area out of the rain. Your Bell Tent accommodation is also waterproof and provides shelter from the elements. The adventure activities such as hiking and biking will go ahead irrespective of the weather. At reboot we don’t believe in the term bad weather, it’s just weather in all her wonderful wild shapes and forms.

How hot/cold does it get?

Depending on where in the season we are, temperatures will vary but prepare for hot days and cold nights/mornings. Gloves and beanie for the morning is a great addition to your kit bag especially for our Spring dates but we do advise you do your own seasonal research before booking.

Can I get my money back if I can’t make it?
Life happens to all us and things pop up. You can transfer your booking to a different retreat date provided we have  more than 60 days notice to fill your spot. If you cancel within 60 days of the retreat and we don’t have someone on the waiting list to fill your spot you will forfeit your booking. Cancellations that occur with more than 60 days notice of the retreat qualify for a 50% refund if you do not opt for another retreat date instead. 

What about snakes and scorpions?
We are moving through a wilderness area and there is a potential for encounters with snakes and scorpions. However, most of our camp locations are generally lawned spaces for comfort and the encounters you would most likely have would be on a trail or hike. These hikes will have guides on them to assist if and when this happens. We implore you to practice vigilance when in the wilderness as we are all guests in this wonderful, wild wonderland and nature rules the roost out here. 

What if I’ve never done yoga or meditated before?
No problem. All of our guided healing modalities from yoga to meditation and breath work caters to everyone from first timers to frequent flyers.

Is there alcohol available?

No. There is no alcohol on the retreat. However, our Reboot light package is open to BYO.

What does digital detox refer to?

We will be asking all of you to hand over your phones on day one of the long format retreat. In the event of an emergency our staff will be online for friends and family to contact if needed. If there is an emergency your phone will be returned you. The digital detox is an important element of the retreat and helps us to realign with ourselves and our community in nature. Our staff on hand will be capturing images and will create a collection of magical moments for all participants to have access to post retreat.

What should I pack? 
Great question! Reboot retreat marries glamping with adventure, all your sleeping arrangements are taken care of from bedding to towels, food and refreshments. We do however expect you to arrive with a ready to go adventure backpack for the retreat. What’s inside? Hiking shoes or boots (not brand new as these cause blisters, break those new boots in before the retreat). Comfortable clothes for hiking and biking, remember the sun is fierce in these parts so long sleeve breathable options are best to keep you protected from the elements. You’ll be swimming and doing yoga daily so prep for this too.

Evenings can get fresh and we’ll be doing an overnighter on the mountain for our stargazing evening so pack some warm gear too. Below is a basic checklist that we feel covers your needs, feel free to tweak it to meet your comforts. Remember that your backpack will be coming on the trails with you to carry snacks and up the mountain with you on night 3 so remember to choose wisely. Something with waist support and chest straps is highly recommended to take strain off your back. Most of your gear can stay in your tent and your bag can get packed for the daily activity. Your pack needs to big enough to cater for the overnighter whereby you’ll be carrying your tent(we provide this item), sleeping bag, food and water up the mountain with you.


What items should be on my checklist?
Backpack for overnight hike / Daypack for smaller day hikes / Trail shoes or hiking boots that can double up for cycling in unless you are a cleated rider bringing your own bike / Hiking socks / Sun hat or cap / Waterproof poncho or light jacket just in case there is rain / Warm jacket and fleece for night time. Comfortable clothes for meal time and yoga sessions and your swimsuits for daily cold water immersion sessions in the rock pools and rivers.
Head torch/ Sun block / water bottles / camel back 3 litre capacity / Any medications you require

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