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Kayden Kleinhans


The Reboot Retreat project is conceptualised and curated by Kayden Kleinhans; adventure traveler and filmmaker. Kayden has travelled more than one and half times around the world on human energy advocating for various environmental charities around climate change issues.


His television series Global Wheeling airs to millions around the world on TV channels such as Discovery and History channel, highlighting his adventure expeditions through the likes of the Sahara desert, the Andes and the Himalayas. Kayden's passion for conservation and the outdoors has earned him a handful of environmental awards since  2010.

“It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and lockdown rolled in that it became so evident to me that this outdoorsy, adventurous lifestyle I’d developed and one that I was now so accustomed to living was in fact extremely medicinal.  When these elements were taken away from me I could feel myself sliding into a depression, battling to sleep and feeling out of sorts as I got further and further away from being in tune with nature and was forced to spend more time indoors and behind screens.

I recently jumped back on a bicycle and cycled 800 km and walked a further 100 through some of South Africa’s most beautiful terrain. By combining various ancient techniques such as meditation and yoga with self-propelled adventure activities in beautiful outdoor wilderness spaces it once again dawned on me the transformational qualities and healing powers of such a lifestyle.

I developed the Reboot Retreat concept to share this magic and the profound impact this had on my sense of health and overall well-being. I felt that at a time of great struggle and uncertainty that it was a beautiful offering to assist in helping people realign with their purpose and find clarity and vitality in a supportive community held space." - Kayden Kleinhans

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