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On this private 3-day, 2-night holistic adventure retreat, explore the majestic Cederberg mountains and their ancient, indigenous rock art, caves, waterfalls, and hidden mountain pools. Unplug, reconnect with nature, hike, star bathe, and SUP in this wilderness paradise. Learn to cook over the fire in a traditional method, and spend evenings around the fire counting shooting stars on this mountain immersion experience.


We have distilled our 6-day Mountain Meander retreat into a short format offering for visitors on a tighter schedule.

We've managed to shape our group experience so that this retreat suits couples, small groups, and solo travelers looking to join on their own schedule for a private, personal retreat experience.





R19 500 per person




3 days and 2 nights in some of the oldest mountains in the world. Our Cederberg experience is a shortened version of our monthly Mountain Meander six-day group retreat offering. However, you can choose dates that suit you while still including those bucket list must-see places. Spend evenings under some of the most beautiful star-filled night skies, collecting shooting stars.

Experience ancient indigenous rock art nestled away in ancient caves. These mountains are home to the indigenous Khoisan people that roamed these lands thousands of years ago and have left their mark with ancient rock art adorning the walls of caves that tell tales of how these hunter-gatherers lived many thousands of years ago. On the adventure day out, we will visit one of these locations, an experience that can only be had in this unique location. Explore iconic rock formations and hidden mountain pools including the Wolfberg Cracks

This absolute must-see, bucket-list hiking trail is a major draw and one that people fly in from all over the world to experience. Join us as we spend four hours taking this majestic trail, which we wrap up with a swim in pristine, hidden mountain pools. Wine tasting experience. A visit to South Africa would not be complete without a visit to a local wine farm. This award-winning high-elevation wine frame is one of the treasures on the circuit and not to be missed when visiting the region.


Fireside chats and a fire cooking workshop that teaches you how to make food on open flames are part of this deeply traditional South African style of cooking with friends and family, which transcends and unifies all tribes in this country.

A guided Wim Hof ice bath experience has many health benefits that go with this amazing workshop. Boost immunity, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase vitality with a cold water immersion. Enjoy a barefoot silent walk in the footsteps of the tribal Khoisan that walked these lands thousands of years ago and drop into these ancient lands through this grounding technique. If you'd like to extend your retreat experience, you can request additional days and activities, such as stand-up paddling and an additional hike.


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We believe in a locally sourced, healthy, and well-balanced diet. We start our days with coffee or tea, fresh juice, healthy fruit, and granola bowls. We keep our lunches fresh with salads and Buddha bowls, and we focus on fire cooking for our evening meals. This is the cooking workshop element of the retreat. South African braai (fire bbq) is deeply entrenched in our culture.

We will teach you how to cook various dishes on the fire, from bread to vegetables, and locally sourced organic free-range meat options such as ostrich or venison. Over the two nights, we will guide you through the process of making a traditional braai plate and our famous potjie dish, which is made in a cast iron pot over the coals.

You'll leave this mountain retreat getaway with a newfound set of cooking skills you can take home and share with friends and family around the fire.

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Private wooden mountain cabin with private deck and hammock overlooking the valley.

This off the grid mountain cabin raised off the ground with 270 degree mountain vista is positioned to take in the sunset in style. Lie in your hammock and watch eagles, owls, and sunbirds flying through the valley in the distance.

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