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San Pedro plant medicine hike Cape Town, South Africa




THE MEDICINE WALK is a TWO DAY overnight experience. This two day moving meditation is designed to truly reconnect to yourself and nature. This round trip hike through the Groot Winterhoek mountains takes us 18km in and 18km back on the same trail the following day. This digital detox (unplugged from your phone/no reception) and SAN PEDRO MICRO DOSE experience is an opportunity to go deeper into yourself and nature without the distractions of the modern world.

Expect a beautiful gradual yet full day walk along the river to a hidden waterfall deep in the mountains. We sleep in a beautiful, mystical hidden wild location overlooking the waterfall and return along the river the next day. This is truly an immersive experience into nature in a mountain range that offers beautiful scenery, endemic bird and plant species and crystal clear water that can be drank straight from the stream.



We can collect you at 6am from your Cape Town city center location and drive 90 minutes out of town. This hike requires a moderate level of fitness and you will be carrying all your own equipment in a backpack that we will provide. Once you’ve added your clothes and food expect 10kg roughly. Walking time per day is estimated at 6-8 hours on gradual terrain. Our micro dose of San Pedro which is optional provides a High Definition experience in nature without pushing the boundaries too far and affords us the opportunity to dial in a layer or two deeper as we take in this magnificent location. Please feel free to connect via email regarding this if it’s your first time.


This is a two to four person experience

R5950 per person

plant medicine retreat Cape Town, South Africa
San Pedro plant medicine hike Cape Town


Return shuttle from CT and back

Hiking permits

Plant medicine (San Pedro) this is optional

All adventure meals

Two breakfasts

Daily Coffee

Hiking snacks

Two lunches

One dinner

Refillable water bottle

Back Pack 60 litre

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat



Warm clothes/wind/rain

Swimming clothes

Hiking shoes

Flip flops


Sun protection


Hiking clothes

Extra socks

Insect repellent

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